Petite Chronic Love Box
Petite Chronic Love Subscription Box Sample
Petite Chronic Love Subscription Box - Made with Love

Petite Chronic Love Box (6 Month)

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Ready for a little petite pampering? A smaller dose of feel-good magic is ready for you!

Living with a long-term illness is a challenge, but there are ways to make it better. Our Chronic Love Box ships right to your door step...a little box of healing help to brighten your day, every month for 6 months!

Great organic foods, snacks and self-care products to help you navigate those down days and celebrate the good ones. We've created new & different boxes of goodies curated especially for chronic illness sufferers committed to a healthy recovery. A wonderful addition to your wellness journey! 

Every monthly box contains: a 2-3 mix of healthy foods to whet your appetite (proteins, oils, savories, sweets, teas, etc.); a special feel-better items; unique recipe card with easy-to-follow instructions; easy activity idea to help you get moving (even when you don't think you have it in you).